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June 2020

Menu Monday 29/06/2020

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First Course

SUPERBOWL of endives, beet and ham salad

SUPERBOWL VEGGIE of bulgur, mint, cucumber and blueberries

Cuina Salad: Potato salad with bacon and feta cheese

Macaroni with mushroom sauce

Mixed colored beans

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Second course

Codfish with spinachs and ham parmentier 

Chicken fricandó

Cold pastrami with tartara sauce

Menu Friday 26/06/2020

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First Course

SUPERBOWL of Caesar salad with Parmesan cheese

SUPERBOWL VEGGIE of guacamole, cherry, broccoli and cucumber

SUPERBOWL of rice, strawberry, spinachs and onion


Cauliflowe with almonds and lemon

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Second course

Sword fish with pineapple, soy and mustard

Baked rabbit with garlic slices

Stay pork skewer