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Menu Monday 08/12/2019

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First Course

Superbol of lentils, pommegranade and beet

Green beans with potatoes

Macaroni with sausages and mushrooms

Baked seasonal vegetables

Buffet of egg-made pasta imported from Italy

Salad buffet

Second course

Sosu vide duck thigh

Meatballs with tomato sauce

Mediterranian pork shank

Codfish with apple

Menu Thursday 05/12/2019

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First Course

Paella with seafood

Superbowl of lentils, kale and potato

Pad thai noodles

Catalan-style beans with mint

Salad buffet

Second course

Charcoal-grilled chicken

Meatballs with tomato and cuttlefish

Pork sirloin fried with tempure

Pil pil codfish

Menu Wednesday 04/12/2019

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First Course

Tortellini with sausageas, spinachs and nuts

Carbonara beans

Superbowl of mandarine, spinachs, avocado and pommegranade

Asturian fabada

Salad buffet

Second course

Baked chicken with sliced potatoes

Pork ribs with honey sauce

Chicken shawarma

Sword fish with pineapple, mustard and soy sauce

Menu Monday 02/12/2019

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First Course

Rissoto of mushrooms

Toscana-style beans

Pasta with asparagus, pesto and tomato

Superbowl of cous cous, avocado and spinachs

Salad buffet

Second course

Laksa chicken

Barrado rabbit

Grilled pork top loin

Portuguese-style codfish

Menu Wenesday 27/11/2019

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First Course

Superbol of salad with cheese and apple

Meat caneloni with béchamel sauce

Sautéed of green beans, mushrooms and curry

Pasta with veggie bolognese

Salad buffet

Second course

Chicken with red curry

Grilled entrecote

Baked pork cheeks

Fish and chips

Menu Tuesday 26/11/2019

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First Course

Lentils with chorizo

Macaroni with zucchini carbonara

Superbol of mushroom crême with almonds and Parmesan cheese

Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese

Salad buffet

Second course

Grilled turkey breast

Marinated pork loin with sweet potato puré

Burger with bacon, brie cheese and onion ribons

Fresh Norweigan salmon with lemon and herbs