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Menu Monday 18/11/2019

By | menu la cuina sana eng

First course

Gnoccis with red pesto

Curry of chickpeas

Milan-style risotto

Superbol of salmon, avocado and salmon

Salad buffet

Second course

Grilled pork toploin

Sautéed of chicken with yakitori sauce

Milan-style beef escalope

Swordfish with gravy sauce

Menu Thursday 14/11/2019

By | menu la cuina sana eng

First Course

Tom çkha soup

Paella with seafood

Boiled Swiss chard with potatoes

Macaroni with spinachs and toamto

Buffet of egg-made pasta imported from Italy

Salad buffet

Second course

Chicken grilled with firewood

Baked rabbit with mushrooms

Grilled sausages with tomato and onion

Baked fish with sliced potatoes

Menu Wednesday 13/11/2019

By | menu la cuina sana eng

First Course

Superbol of pineapple, cucumber and sesame

Homemade canneloni with bechamel sauce

Pasta with spinachs and tomato

Beans with Parmesan crême

Salad buffet

Second course

Pork sirloin with a touch of herbs and cheese sauce

Grilled entrecote

Turkey roll with sauce

Fresh baby squids with beans and green peas

Menu Tuesday 12/11/2019

By | menu la cuina sana eng

First Course

Catalan-style spinachs

Pasta with peperoni sauce

Trinxat de la Cerdanya

Superbol of hummus creme

Salad buffet

Second course

Stewed beef tail

Baked chicken with bacon and mushrooms

Cochinita pibil

Fersh salmon with Dutch sauce

Menu Tuesday BRASAS 12/11/2019

By | menu la cuina brasas eng

First Course

Salad with pomegranade, mandarin and avocado

Charcoal-grilled vegetables

Shirred eggs with mushrooms

Standard second course

1/2 chicken  grilled in charcoal ovens

Free range burger

Pork thigh grilled in charcoal ovens

Daily special fish

Premium second course