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Coffee, sandwiches and pastries

At La Cuina Sana we want you to find your perfect breakfast. Every morning, at La Cuina Sana we carefully prepare a wide range of sandwiches and bake national and imported pastries. In addition, we make delicious coffee, a soft and aromatic 100% natural Arabica.

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Fresh and natural ingredients

In La Cuina Sana you can find your perfect salad. We have two buffets with more than twenty different fresh ingredients and elaborated toppings so that you can prepare the best combination to your liking. Ideal for salad lovers!

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Culinary excellence

In La Cuina Sana we prepare high quality menus at a very affordable price, which are daily cooked in our kitchens with fresh and high quality ingredients. Our culinary philosophy is based on a healthy, traditional and varied cuisine that helps you maintain a balanced diet. In addition, we offer vegan cuisine daily. Vegan and vegetarian dishes carefully prepared for the pleasure of the palate.

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Specialists in charcoal ovens

The restaurant La Cuina Brasas is a corner of La Cuina Sana, and bases its gastronomic offer on selected meat and fish and an infinite variety of fresh vegetables, which are daily prepared in our charcoal ovens.

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Customized proposals

We offer catering services to individuals and companies of the WTC Almeda Park and its immediate surroundings, who seek to complement work meetings, visits, small business events or personal celebrations.

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Gourmet Area

Imported products

In La Cuina Sana we have an appealing corner with national and imported gourmet products. L'Area Gourmet of La Cuina Sana picks up the multicultural characteristic of the WTC Almeda Park and and offers its workers the best juices, soft drinks, teas, chocolates, etc., from countries such as France, United Kingdom or Germany.