La Cuina Sana Restaurant

Ten years of experience in the WTC Almeda Park

La Cuina Sana offers modern restaurant services, typical of the best European cities, to the WTC Almeda Park staff. With almost ten years of experience, La Cuina Sana is the senior restaurant in the park and it has become the reference of the WTC Almeda Park thanks to its wide range of breakfasts, salads, menus and catering services of high quality, affordable price, agile service and exquisite customer service.

La Cuina Brasas Restaurant

Specialists in meat, fish and vegetables grilled in charcoal ovens

Conceived as a corner of La Cuina Sana, La Cuina Brasas cooks meats, fish and seasonal vegetables at affordable prices. Our flexible formulas adapt to all kinds of tastes and needs. That is why La Cuina Brasas is ideal for meat and fish lovers, as well as for vegans, as it is a veggie-friendly restaurant!