We have designed a customer card full of advantages that can be used in our establishments (La Cuina Sana y la Cuina Brasas). Down below you can find its benefits:

  • Applying for the first customer card has no issue fee.
  • It works as a wallet-card. This means you can load it with money and use it to pay for our products in our establishments (La Cuina Sana and La Cuina Brasas).
  • You can load it with cash, credit card, restaurant card, restaurant tickets, etc. This will ensure that you can benefit from the total amount of your restaurant allocation.
  • You will dispose of a monthly bonus which consists of a 5% of your monthly purchases provided that you consume a minimum amount of 70 Euros every month.
  • You can apply for it filling out the form CLICK HERE, and then you can pick it up the following Monday in La Cuina Sana.
  • The amount of money available in the customer card can be spent only in services offered by La Cuina Sana group. Under no circumstances will the amount be redeemable for cash.